This call for pilot study is CLOSED as of March 2, 2024.

Call for Pilot Project Applications


The Centers for Medical Countermeasures against Radiation Consortium (CMCRC) is now accepting applications for pilot projects. Application forms and descriptions of the current CMCRs can be found at:

Application due date: March 1, 2024

Anticipated project start date: August 1, 2024


Application forms are attached below for access (individual form and zip file of combined forms are attached):

Proposals should be sent by 3/1/24 to Margaret Zhu at and should consist of items 1-13 below assembled in the following order into a single pdf document:

  1. Face Page (Indicate if PI is an Early Career Investigator within 10 years of degree)
  2. Abstract (30 lines)
  3. Specific Aims and Milestones (1 page max.)
  4. Research Plan: Background/Preliminary Results, Research Design and Methods (3 pages max.)
  5. References Cited
  6. Detailed budget for year 1 (may use NIH format)
  7. Budget justification (one year only)
  8. NIH format Biographical sketch (including other support) for key personnel
  9. Resources and Equipment
  10. Protection of Human Subjects, if applicable
  11. Details of Vertebrate Animal Research, if applicable
  12. Letters of support (optional)
  13. Completed checklist