Duke University CMCR

Nelson Chao, M.D., Principal Investigator


The primary focus of the Radiation Countermeasures Centers of Research Excellence (RadCCORE) program is to support basic, translational and applied research leading to new medical countermeasures against radiological and nuclear exposures due to terrorist attacks. The underlying driving force is to bring “deliverables” to the national stockpile to mitigate the effects of radiation induced injury. We have structured this research consortium as a multidisciplinary research center to move candidate products through the regulatory process, conduct basic and translational research to identify new counter measures to evaluate countermeasures and underlying biology, and provide new or expanded education resources to improve expertise in radiobiology.

In order to achieve this goal, leading scientist in the area of radiation biology, health physics, stem cell biology transplantation and immunology, have united to form one of the most, if not the most, comprehensive inclusive, inter-institutional and interdisciplinary Center for Medical Countermeasures Against Radiation (CMCR). We have formed the RadCCORE consortium to collectively and collaboratively increase possible agents to detect, mitigate and treat those people exposed to deterministic doses of radiation. RadCCORE is a network of academic medical centers (Duke University, University of North Carolina, and Wake Forest University).  This core group will be supported by affiliate members and consultants from other academic institutions, national research laboratories, and private enterprises.

Website: https://medicine.duke.edu/radccore