·    NIH Natural Disaster Policy Applies to Recent Hurricanes. NIH will consider accepting applications after a submission deadline from investigators whose institutions close due to a natural disaster, such as the recent hurricanes Henri and Ida.


Past NASA Webinar Recording AVAILABLE


  • In case you missed it…NASA Space Radiation Update: HRP Space Radiation Quality Factor Webinar. (originally presented 8/4/21). S. Robin Elgart, Space Radiation Element Scientist for NASA’s Human Research Program, provides insight into how NASA models the differences between space and terrestrial radiation to assess the risk of astronauts developing cancer from space radiation exposure.


Radiation Research Society's 67th Annual Meeting - Now Virtual – October 3-6, 2021


The scientific research presented at the Annual Meeting is an invaluable asset to the radiation science communities around the world. Our unwavering commitment to you is to disseminate this important research in an engaging way. The majority of this year's speakers will present via live virtual session (as opposed to recordings). Enabling interactive Q & A sessions and heightened engagement.


 Click here for the preliminary program.





  • Proposers’ Day -  Targeted Evaluation of Ionizing Radiation Exposure (TEI-REX) Program. The TEI-REX Program aims to establish novel biodosimetry approaches enabling improved quantification of low-dose ionizing radiation exposures (<0.75 Gray) from minimally and non-invasive samples, while also expanding quantitative and qualitative knowledge of the exposure environment. The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) will hold a virtual Proposers’ Day meeting on September 29, 2021 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm EDT with potential overflow into September 30, 2021 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. The TEI-REX Proposers’ Day meeting will be used to introduce the research requirements to potential performers and provide information on program objectives.



  • NCI Research Specialist (Clinician Scientist) Award (R50 Clinical Trial Not Allowed) (PAR-21-306). The NCI invites applications for the Research Specialist Award (R50) specifically for clinician scientists supporting NCI-funded clinical trials research. The Research Specialist Award is designed to encourage the development of stable research career opportunities for exceptional clinician scientists who want to continue to participate in the NCI clinical trials networks through leadership in the 1) development of national clinical trials, 2) implementation of NCI clinical trials in their institutions, and 3) national service to the NCI clinical trials networks through participation in the scientific review committees, monitoring committees and other activities, but not serve as principal investigators of research project grants. These clinician scientists are vital to sustaining the NCI-funded clinical trials enterprise. The Research Specialist Award is intended to provide salary support and sufficient autonomy so that individuals are not solely dependent on NCI grants held by others or other sources of support for cancer research career continuity.




  • International Advanced Training Course: Stakeholder Engagement for Recovery after Nuclear Disasters. Webex Meeting on October 11th - 15th. The aim of this seminar is to acquire knowledge and practical experience of the model developed by Nagasaki University in cooperation with the Kawauchi Village to support the rehabilitation of the living conditions in the affected areas by the Fukushima accident. Participation is free, and agenda is on the attached flyer. Presentations and discussions will be held in English and Japanese. Deadline to register is September 27th.


  • The International Conference on the Development of Preparedness for National and International Emergency Response (EPR2021), with be held from 11 – 15 October 2021 in Vienna, Austria. (if COVID-19 restrictions persist the Conference will be held virtually on the same dates). The purpose of the Conference is to foster exchange of information and enhance global awareness on various EPR topics through the discussion of both the progress made at national and international levels and the challenges encountered, by sharing experiences, evaluating current trends, technologies and lessons in EPR and identifying key priorities in further improving readiness for nuclear and radiological incidents and emergencies, regardless whether they arise from an accident, natural disaster, negligence, nuclear security event or any other cause. Further information about the Conference can be found here.


  • BARDA is pleased to announce that our exciting Lightning Talks showcase will once again be a part of BARDA Industry Day 2021 (BID2021). This year’s theme is Strengthening Partnerships, Advancing Innovation and the 2-day agenda on November 3 & 4, 2021, highlights the many ways we collaborate with our stakeholders to continually enhance our medical countermeasure capabilities and efficiencies. Lightning Talks are for individuals, academic institutions, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies, and other industry innovators to showcase their innovative technologies while continuously fostering critical connections. In 2021, Lightning Talks will showcase innovative discoveries and promote stakeholder networking through virtual conference introductions. Lightning Talks will be featured during both afternoon sessions, and we are anticipating a large audience of industry partners and stakeholder participants this year. Applying to present a Lightning Talk is easy—just submit up to 500 words and one PowerPoint slide (optional) on a proposed presentation using the portal on our website.




Article: “Radiation-Induced Senescence in p16+/LUC Mouse Lung Compared to Bone Marrow Multilineage Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells”


Dr. Joel Greenberger and colleagues defined the time course of ionizing radiation-induced senescence in lung compared to bone marrow of p16+/LUC mice in which the senescence-induced biomarker (p16) is linked to a luciferase reporter gene. [Radiat Res. 2021 Sep 1;196(3):235-249.]


Michael W Epperly, Donna Shields, Renee Fisher, Wen Hou, Hong Wang, Diala Fatima Hamade, Amitava Mukherjee, Joel S Greenberger


Read more:

“Radiation-Induced Senescence in p16+/LUC Mouse Lung Compared to Bone Marrow Multilineage Hematopoietic Progenitor Cells”





  • Researcher in Medical Radiation Physics, Stockholm University. The position will be associated with the project SINFONIA - Radiation risk appraisal for detrimental effects from medical exposure during management of patients with lymphoma or brain tumor (Home - Sinfonia ( funded from the Euratom research and training program). The project is focused on the development of a comprehensive system for personalized dosimetry in radiotherapy accounting for stray radiation dose and the risks associated with it. Personalized models of patients will be used with analytical algorithms to estimate dose distributions in out-of-field and partially exposed organs during photon radiation therapy.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow - Health Disparities, Cancer and Radiation Response. Thomas Jefferson University - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Simone Laboratory in the Radiation Oncology Department at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia, PA is seeking an outstanding post-doctoral fellow to work in the area of cancer, health disparities and radiation biology. This position will focus on understanding the molecular underpinnings of the disparate cancer treatment populations. This will focus on preclinical models and also analysis of clinical trial samples. Our laboratory is translational and has significant experience taking our preclinical findings to the clinic and anticipate the findings here to build our next clinical trial experience. This NIH funded work will focus on using dietary interventions to decrease health disparities across models.
  • Translational Biology MSL, in the Medical Affairs group at Varian Medical Systems. California. We are looking for a Medical Science Liaison to join our team. In this key role, the Medical Science Liaison will be responsible for the engagement with cancer care providers and researchers.. We are open to remote employee in Canada or United States for this role. See more details at the link above.